Kentucky Wildcats SEC Championship Odds for 2023

Kroger Field - Kentucky

Y’ALL READY FOR THIS? ‘Cause Week Zero is NOT messin’ around—college football is making a COMEBACK! But first, let’s talk KENTUCKY WILDCATS, baby! We’re in the mix with +1000 odds! Don’t overlook us; we’re out for blood and lookin’ to shake things up big time! GO BIG BLUE!!!

Now, on to the rest! A select few teams are kickin’ off the gridiron fireworks this weekend for a little preseason snack! Then, come Sept. 2nd, Tennessee and Virginia are gonna LIGHT UP that scoreboard at NOON, ET!

Hold on to your blue and white pom-poms, ’cause this is the LAST season of SEC Football in its current form! Texas and Oklahoma are about to crash this party, and divisions are gettin’ tossed like a Hail Mary pass! It’s gonna be SEC MADNESS with a 16-team showdown!

But don’t forget, the DEFENDING National Champs, the Georgia Bulldogs, are favored to win AGAIN! Like, how many five-star recruits do they have, am I right? But no Stetson Bennett?

‘Bama’s on their heels, clocking in at No. 2! They’re breakin’ in a new QB and a flashy offense! They’re gonna be duke’n it out with LSU, who ain’t no pushovers either, ranked at No. 3!

And hey, Tennessee, yeah, you! With +1400 odds, it’s lookin’ like an uphill battle! They’ve got that epic face-off with Georgia in November—SEC East might be up for grabs!

So, in conclusion, ARE WE FIRED UP YET? ‘Cause the Wildcats are ready to ROAR, and so am I! Let’s GET IT, SEC! C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS! 🏈🔵⚪🎉

(odds subject to change – correct at time of going to press.)

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KY ONLY - 18+